The American Computational Science Society (ACSS) publishes over twenty international, peer-reviewed, open accesses, online journals such as Journal of Computational Science & Engineering, Computational Science Letters, and Review on Computational Science, and so on. The journals of the ACSS embody the mission of the Society “to advance and diffuse the knowledge of Computational Science”. We strive to produce journals of the highest quality, and at the same time, to keep our journals accessible to researchers, engineers and students at institutions of all types and sizes, everywhere in the world, through ongoing efforts to reduce production costs and through policies such as reduced-price or free subscriptions for all of individual readers.

ACSS cooperates harmoniously with the ACSS strategic partner, The Institute for Computational Science & Engineering, Qingdao University, China, to publish these journals.

The Journals aim to be an international platform to exchange novel research results in simulation based science across all scientific disciplines. It publishes advanced innovative, interdisciplinary research where complex multi-scale, multi-domain problems in science and engineering are solved, integrating sophisticated numerical methods, computation, data, networks, and novel devices. These includes Computational engineering, Computational finance,Computational fluid dynamics, Computational forensics, Computational geophysics, Computational linguistics, Computational mathematics, Computational mechanics, Computational neuroscience, Computational physics, Computational statistics, Computer algebra, Environmental simulation, Financial modeling,Geographic information system, High performance computing, Machine learning, Network analysis, Neuroinformatics, Numerical weather prediction,Pattern recognition,etc.


ISSN 1710-4068 Journal of Computational Science & Engineering

ISSN 2160-925X Computational Science Letters

ISSN 2160-8008 Review on Computational Science

ISSN 2161-6868 International Journal of Computational Chemistry

ISSN 2161-7090 International Journal of Computational Finance

ISSN 2161-6906 International Journal of Computational Mathematics

ISSN 2161-6973 International Journal of Computational Neuroscience

ISSN 2161-6957 International Journal of Computational Physics

ISSN 2161-7082 Journal of Computational Astronomy & Astrophysics

ISSN 2161-6876 Journal of Computational Economics

ISSN 2161-6884 Journal of Computational Forensics

ISSN 2161-7023 Journal of Computational Geography

ISSN 2161-7015 Journal of Computational Intelligence

ISSN 2161-7031 Journal of Computational Life Science

ISSN 2161-6892 Journal of Computational Linguistics

ISSN 2161-7058 Journal of Computational Materials Science

ISSN 2161-6922 Journal of Computational Mechanics

ISSN 2161-6930 Journal of Computational Medicine

ISSN 2161-7074 Journal of Computational Meteorology & Atmospheric science

ISSN 2161-6949 Journal of Computational Oceanography

ISSN 2161-6965 Journal of Computational Statistics

ISSN 2161-685X American Journal of Computational Biology